About Us

Make A Difference Every Time You Shop

At EcoLifestyle Co we believe putting people and our planet first. We look for and select only ethically made, sustainable, and well designed products. If every person holds themselves to a higher ethical standard, then our planet will be a more beautiful place and sustainable for generations to come.

If your visiting our site, chances are you’re as passionate about conserving the planet as much as we are. As an Eco-friendly marketplace, we’ve sourced products and manufacturers that ensure our products our consumed in a way that’s friendlier to the environment. We’ve done the hard work by finding sustainable products, conveniently make them available in one location, so buying responsibly becomes second nature.

We are a family run company based in Hong Kong. We’ve seen the devastating effects that single use products and plastics have done to our city, especially the impact it’s had on our beaches, parks and nature trails. We hope to encourage not only people of Hong Kong but around the world, to live a more conscious lifestyle when it comes selecting everyday items they use in their lives. We have a passionate team behind us, and want to showcase just how important one purchase makes and how valuable our environment truly is.